On GOING UNIVERSE ... Th. Trkstar

                                                                                                The Thread to Mend



                                                               This comes to Mind for instance


                                                                             Obsolete in an instant



                                                                     My Goodness, This Planet is Sick


                                                                          Long “overdue” for a Healing


                                                                       it Includes Greedy Piggies


                                                                                       giving “A Squealing”




                  In the Cultural Structural Destruction

                                of AMERICA

                     NO Pledge of Allegiance is Made

                         by $ Profit TRAITORS $

                    as they reap $ Enormous SUMS $

                        with creed and credentials

                         from Code of the SCUM

                                                            ...toll free, free kick, free ride, free

                trial, trial free, penalty free, free zone,

                 free shot, free throw, free from, tax

                 free, conscience free, Regulation free,

                   free from Responsibility, free-dom,

                interest free, rent free, free guarantee,

                  duty free, a free one, free fall, free

                  massage, age free, free sample, free

                 Spirit, free government, free lance, free

                  from fear, I just want to be free, free

                 World, free LOVE, Here's the way I see

                  it: Once it leaves my hands and is given

                        and shared with someone else

                         THEN it's their FREE WILL.

                   ( Although some individuals do need a

                 whack from the Zen Master now and then

                     to keep them on track. A technique

                 commonly referred to as “whack a track.”)



                         "God is everywhere” or was it

                          "OH GOD, it's everywhere”


                                                                                    an Apple SO LARGE

                             falls from the tree

                         thus the LAW of GRAVITY



                    Eons Ions of HUMAN Bonds...a Timed

                       Experiment, HERE'S THE THING

                           a “handful” of the U.S.A.

                      As you recall, now tiers of years,

                  2 Century removed from under the thumb

                               of a monarch King


                    has become THE INSATIABLE THING

                   once previously hated, reviled, despised

                             by so many Open Eyes

                             OH SAY CAN YOU SEE

                            IT'S TIME FOR JUBILEE

                               The extremely RICH

                                 ( and the needy )

                                      OH, MY

                                   Oh So Greedy

                                 and when they die

                                    just Graffiti

                          To Surmise: the PRESENT

                  Do we need more spies or deceptive lies?

                   A MILITARY BUDGET beyond the skies

                    or a rip-off-rift about the fiscal cliff

                    with corporate sponsor & bean counter

                     bureaucrats who don't get the drift

                        THAT This current Corpo-crisy

                      when I think of it, is a fake U.S.A.

                                 Crock of Shit.


                       SO, This is the way it will GO

                      a shared Laugh about half & half

                      a joke a smile or something funny

                         gentle and soft as a BUNNY



                                                       A Synopsis of Energy includes Power

                      (Refined to use and necessity)

              Power forced becomes wasteful and counter-

              Intuitive with potential for 'overloads' and

                Damage. Power can become an illusion or

              apparition actually less real and tangible and

               practical and useful than its appearance. At

               this point its initiation of the absurdities of

                        non-beneficial base levels

                         ...Is Counterproductive.

                Regarding people it can become coercive,

                             abusive, and cruel

             ...a “domino effect” of forever falling down.

               ( Apprehensions are created...and beneath

             it all exists FEAR.) One Reserve of Energy in

            the face of Power is inner strength...fortitude


                                      continuance in grace, which is always available

                           TO ALL Human beings.

                    That's why we share these things!




                    New Life New Direction New Hope

                           new Life, new Effort

                      Springs out, Springs forward

                        Regardless of surroundings

                            In Spite of the Odds


                              HAPPINESS IS:

                          that at any given Time

                             there are a lot of

                               GOOD PEOPLE

                                in this World

                              with every Breath

                               my Heart beats

                               my Heart beats

                               my Heart beats

                                     Q ki



                       I make the little pie, for You!


                            Let the SAW Work

                            and the SWORD Cut


                   Agile Mongoose born to kill the Snake



                                                                                                 "beyond disappointment,

                          ALL ways the RAINBOW”

                                  Diane says:

                                 I love to bowl

                                 I Love to bowl

                                 I Love to roll

                                 I Love to roll

                                  Please Please

                                   100 Please



                        Grass Roots versus ASS ROOTS


                                                                                                                    "Sekka No Ki ”








                                 in the Beginning

                           flesh & bones, simple sticks

                                 some few stones


                         here to the age of Civilization

                           soon to be upon realization

                                                                                                 "dog-goned to the drones”


                         and “security cyber-tech clones”


                            Then alas, FUTURE Trouble


                        rust-dusted age of the very Scary

                                Military Bust Bubble



                              Awareness Notice ALERT

                              Prevent Future Enormous

                          Bubble Drain and Societal Rubble

                                follow the Golden Rule:

                          to Treat others as we ourselves

                                 wish to be Treated

                                   Golden Rule #2:

                          to get after the ASS WHOLES

                                WHO are not acting on

                                   Golden Rule #1

                              elected bought off hacks,

                                   corporate tools

                                jimmy jacks and fools





                                  ways of KNOWING

                                ways of Problem solving

                                   ways of Learning

                                   ways of Discovery

                                     ways of Trial

                                     ways of Error

                                ways of Self-Education

                                ways of SELF DEFENSE...


                      with ACTIONS of Mercy put into play

                                  those kind words

                                    "I will Pray”


                                          ? free market ?

                                   ( FREEDOM'S CORNER )

                          here is FREEDOM

                         says POWER as such

                 You will hear this You will hear this

             over and over You will hear this very much

            over and over more than once more than once

               here is FREEDOM here is a whole bunch

        it's a small little corner land with fancy pointy cap

              almost just enough room to take a little nap

         over and over more than once with what looks like

                with what looks like the freedom word


                           In a Security State Obscene

                               WHAT could it mean?

                         IF the Queen, Senate, Congress

                            LOVED “SOYLENT GREEN”

                      and thus it becomes the norm of the

                      Elite “CRUX UNSCRUPULOUS SCUM”

                      that they will Harvest the TARGETED

                                                                                                        "VOX POPULOUS PLUM”

                            for various forms of FOOD

                       as “modern day, SOYLENT GREEN”


                               (no matter how crude)

                           it just makes me TttttersE

                          ...in my mood, SO one more

                             HAPPY THOUGHT VERSE:

                          Don't “F” with the UNIVERSE!





        Vogue Globalization beyond sensible National

                                                                       "We the People” glue

                On World Corporation cue

    United States “undone” Government appears ROGUE

                               "ART of the BOGART” for the chosen few

              ( more more more me me me )

             forever more on and monetarily

                                                   "More ON” ...the “Money Tree”

      Time's FUTURE will tend to this vapid Vaporous

       style trend of supposed WORLD without END,

    Created from their vacuous Vacuum “mind Bog bend”

            To Present ALL: NOW is the TIME,

    the TIME is NOW for the CALL, Journey Together

             ...a natural UNIVERSAL QUEST


  ...in a disparate Desperate Corporate Conquest mess?




                     Warmth of HEART

                      shared Laughter

               Comedy, Music, Song, Poetry

                Triumph of Spirit over Trial

         kind touches of Life and our Universal Smile

            from “here on, right on, here after”

              by the moment Accomplishments

         of Anyone who tries, Good People of Earth

                    in an Alliance of LOVE


                     the “AXIS OF LIES”




                                                                 Touch the earth

                         Touch the sky




                            You and I

              PS and a short little song “ha  ha ha”

               A Life's moments of Love received

                  ...past to present...then

                        E x t e n d e d

               all in all ...it amounts to a Smile

                       and the UNIVERSE

                         is one timeless



                       Space Ship Earth


                       Space Ship Earth

                          TO EMBARK

                      leaving WAR behind

                with foresight of flight in Mind

            YOU have a berth on Space Ship Earth

                                                                                  "contributory man”

                     with a cooperative plan


                 throughout accumulated weather

                                                          "hard to say where we are going”


                                                                 "WE ALL RIDE TOGETHER”

               Th.Trkstar Universal Representative


                       the Thread to mend

                        the twirled strand

                          is pure sterling

                         Silver end to end

                     Upon Sterling foundation

                     minted, pure Silver coin

                        Upon Sterling code

                 Exist, “True Warriors of Resolve”





                      *Feel FREE and Welcome

                                                      to Copy, Color, Scan, Enhance,

                                                                          ENLARGE or minify

                                                                 AND SHARE "as You Like",

                                                                          On Going UNIVERSE

                     ...THE THREAD TO MEND

                                                         ...There are many many Ways!

                    with a Smile ~ Greg  7-07-2015


                                                Greg's Universe Publishing/ Th. Trkstar     

                                                www.GregsUniverse.com ...etc. On Going...




                                                           July FOURTH


                                                        "ON" Going Universe Too !

Today's Declaration

Power words, word of Honor

Art words, word of might

Sound words, word amends

Words of Wisdom


We take a stand We stand to say

on Planet EARTH

We ALL lead the way

a Birth right





      Good versus Evil

      easy enough

      a difficulty arises

      when these too, blurrrrr

      “ gooedvil ”

      That distinction becomes


                            A Helpful Hint:

  The Highest OATH Of Responsibility in PUBLIC

  OFFICE is to the People.“A Country is its Living

  PEOPLE.” Not an Object. Beyond the Corporation

  In the U.S.A. the FIRST ABSOLUTE Responsibility

  is to the People. Public Officials WHO look lightly at

  THIS OBLIGATION Will be Held “Accountable for Life”


  the People and THEIR GENERAL GOOD and WELFARE.

  ...Going BEYOND “Inert, non Breathing non Living

  and Life Altering corporate entities and actual real

  Threats” to the People. This is an easy Order of 1st

  ACCOUNTABILITY to always Consider in Life

  Consequences & Truths of Reckoning, a measure to

  Live by with the highest daily and “for the FUTURE”

  goals and Achievement.


        A U.S.A. Wish for 2016:

  3 top cheery picks of choice

  Health & Happiness

  without constant private insurance scares

  Real expanding Education

  for our “upcoming” Nation

  Ethics of Virtue Overcoming Vice


  of course You remember Now

  and some remember When

  "it was better back then"


  Rampant “Established” dogma

  of this nation

  with “we the people” being smothered

  by drooling 1% salivation

  The Future used to be a Life

  Anticipation rather than an



  others in this “Forced Fit”

  lighter lit


  just want to live too

  The main solid “joined together”

  CHANCE is to

  Present and GIVE a Real Gift

  of shared

  Universal “On” Going Exploration

  "Live And Let Live"

 "it was better back then"


  If not Now, When?


   A Sense of feeling

   a Sense of care

   a Sense of Awareness

   of ImBalance Everywhere

   Within this Universe

   Within this World

   Within “this joint”

   We have Reached

    "the Tipping Point"

                      WE have Gathered Together Today...

                                                                   April Fool's Day 2016


                                                               NITWITS IN WASHINGTON

                                                             will WORK for ALL the People

                                                                          of the U.S.A.


                                                                NITWITS In the STATES

                                                           will WORK for ALL the People

                                                                         of the U.S.A.



                                                            will WORK for ALL the People

                                                                          of the U.S.A.


                                                           Some Things I KNOW Because

                                                                    kind Others KNEW

                                                                     some Things too

                                                              "NITWITS ARE FOREVER"

                                                                   and the SKY is BLUE

                                                                Th. Trkstar April 1st 2016

                                                     Happy Evolving Spring-time Revolution






                                                   Now's Your chance for some Things to DO!


               Washington D.C. or B.C.? ,

                     Yes, Before Christ              


                                                                                       THEN, Sure ENOUGH!

                                                                          A Great Cry

                                                           Resounded from the MASSES

                                                                       JESUS CHRIST!

                                                                 You Republican Dumb


   "Truthfully so" here I Go, ANOTHER Greg's Universe

    PRESENTATION:The 2016 out of Touch “SILLY ASSES”

    out of Touch Award to the IDEA OF & ACTUALITY IN

    PLACE of the DEMOCRAT Party out of Touch elite


    this is a Great Visible World-Wide example of the

   "DEMOCRATIC" Controlled Farce of... the “United States

    of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation,

    indi-visible , with liberty and justice for all.” out of Touch

    (((Even the Republicans out of Touch can Laugh at this one,

    maybe they gave the Idea to the Democrats.))) out of Touch

  Man's Millions of years of Intelligent Advancement has

  Now come to a  lobotomized halt in the New Millennium 2000

  United States Undone- Government. ( Preceded by a few

  decades of downward digression.) An Analyzed Government by


  DUMB, Getting Nothing Done” time and time after time, Reveals

  the Blatant Cause to be: $$$$$$$ Dough going to the Brain

  $$$$$$ resulting in “DOUGH BRAIN DISEASE.” "DBD” is not

  a Natural Disease Process but like so many others ...

    a man-made Created MALADY, THAT CAN BE PREVENTED.

 "A Snake Sale" Let US be Perfectly Clear: War Profiteers Sear

 Planet Earth and the POOR with THEIR ever Present Destructive

 GREED FOR MORE $$$ as THE $$$U.S. Main Media HISSSSS.

 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ((( a Snake Sale sale $ sale sale $$$ sale sale

 Sale $$$ for Sure AND A LIE, with NO such Thing as a SURGICAL

 Precision “CUT from the SKY.” ))))

On Earth

Fizz and Sizzle

with World U.S. military escapades

in endless cascade

and bomb paraphernalia galore



Resources waste & Wonder what for?

Hard core Hard core Education

 for our Future Generations

of “what not to do” and what for?

dramatic “leadership dips”

an IQ strain into desolation

Resources waste & Wonder what for?

The Drain

Drop Drop more drips, What a Trip! It Is.

...much like the Pigeons

and Doves Do

There IS healing relief in-store

talk fondly with a friend

or think kindly and Coo

an inner mantric soft sound


and Peaceful Repose

IS awaiting You


                                                                 "ON" Going*Universe!**

                                                                 "ON" Going*Universe!**

                                                                 "ON" Going*Universe!**


                                                     Binding Glue

                                                            Binding Glue


                                            You Bind with it It Binds You


     pleasant words

    and easy to say

Happy Mother's Day

 I'm starting my Day

 I'm Starting My Day

      Yes Diane,

 I'll Do as You Say

RHETORIC: from the White House

B. Obama:

Let's talk, in Circles.

G. Bush #2:

Let's talk, in Squares.

B. Clinton:

Let's talk about Anything, Anywhere.

G. Bush #1:

Let's talk, “Read my lips.”

R. Reagan:

WELL, Let's talk...“Where's the script?”

   Without Reflections of “True Heart”  

 Continued Wars, unwise & wasteful


 Pierce & Tear OUR Eco-Sphere apart

 Continued Wars, unwise & wasteful 

  Home Sweet Home

  One more “po-em”

            where to begin

 how about the end of a sequence?

               with a pen

            Shades of chameleon

        Land of Lore

         Wonder if anyone

       thought of that before?

           PROBABLY, but anyway

                      Flick of the wrist

                          circle, slide, turn


  Shades of Chameleon

              once returned

              One more turn

              one more twist

                but Please,

   not one more verse

 as annoying as this

not one more verse of phony 2016 Candidate

         PROMISES (...or fake TV polls)


as annoying as this

                                              Whatever or Whoever Could be contained in a


                                                             Possibly a gentle World

                                                             conspiracy and rebellion

                                                                      of the MIND.

                                             Sounds oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

                                                                        ... Scary!

Uncertainty of Purpose?

...OR Future World Vision?

Let's Provide insight from Within


Leadership or Beater-ship?

World Leader or World Beater?

Leadership or Beater-ship?

The Average American Deserves


than this current "hose job"



                                                                                                              the People... who are?

                                                          You Are

                                                           We Are

                                                     THE PEOPLE

                                                the People...  governed by

                                                     the “CREEPLE”

Lost chances of Opportunity

What could have been

 What ought to be

 moments pass

  by one degree

    Contained in Choice

   or Uncertainty


  The Thread to mend

  the twirled strand

  Is pure sterling

  Silver end to end

  Upon Sterling foundation

  Minted, pure silver coin

  Upon Sterling code

  Exist, True Warriors of Resolve


                      Space Ship Earth

                             to EMBARK

                      leaving WAR behind

                    with foresight of flight

                                 in Mind

                      You have a berth

                      on Space Ship Earth

                        "contributory man"

                     with a cooperative plan

             throughout accumulated weather

             "hard to say where we are going"


                "We ALL Ride Together"


                                                        before being Born

                            Before being born

                           and having a name

                        Time and the Universe

                           are much the same

                               Before arrival

                       on firm earth green-blue

                           all together, all else

                           is comparable glue


                             But being here

                     in what seems a change

                Common comforts of familiarity

                       are to be ARRANGED

      Power to DeProliferate:

        the State and Creed of

  America's Ass Wholes and

  Greed ( U.S.) "ONE NATION"

       Better than those of less

   fortunate CIRCUMSTANCE,

 “UNDER” God's will to RIP OFF

         those less fortunate.

     ( very False Theology )

    Joined by select privileged

   ILLUSTRIOUS Globally Royal

             ASS WHOLES.

  ( Yep...just more dip shits )



     the Dead END ROAD...


"Real American PRIDE"



"ON" *Going*Universe! ****

"ON" *Going*Universe! ****

"ON" *Going*Universe! ****

                                                       Summer across the U.S.A.

                                                       "I'm NOT Cutting the Grass”


                                               Federal Government Lawn Care Motto:

                                                                  "Cut Prudently,

                                                             Enjoy more GRASS,

                                                          CONSERVE Save Gas!"


 It's Morning, Cheer Up Time!

 The Ending is not



 palliative flooring

 moments of joy

 happiness moorings

 The Ending is not

 the Whole Story


 platforms of play

 with a warm smile

 on cold blue cloudy

 rainy go away days


 Simply in the Spirit

 of Glad Tidings

"ON" Going

 THIS Ending is not




 Dedicated to ALL

 those who “carry and try”

"On & On & ON & ON"

 You make This Spinnnning

 WORLD a Sooooooooooooo much

 Better Place!


             May 30th 2016

                Th. Trkstar

Share “ON” Going Universe Too,

                              as You like!

              Thank YOU!

 to those

 Who show, care, and share

 for the Main of any WORLD'S balance

 is there


                                                         ( a Curious Ode to Nature )

Whirlwind, gentle rain breeze

Bumbly bee

Fruity tree

 Fearless chickadee

 Mountaintop waterfall

 These all These all


                                          February 2nd 2018 “Groundhog Day”

                               "ON" Going Universe The Thread to Mend ~ Three ~

                                                                A Pond


                                                               of Spring

                                                              pond frogs

                                                             so full of Life


                                                               They're all



                                              "ON" Going COOPERATION

                                            IS Central to Human Existence.

                                                     Robert J. Burrowes

                                       The Strategy of Non Violent Defense

                                                         TO “Challenge”

                                               EXPLOITATION ON EARTH!



                                                       Smokers UNITE

                                                      Save the WORLD

                                                          ( & Yourself )

                                                    "Cut Down OR Quit"


                                                      Saved FUNDS $$$

                                                          to a POSITIVE

                                                                                                                                                "KICK ASS"






                                                       Good versus Evil

                                                           easy enough

                                                       a difficulty arises

                                                  when these too, blurrrrr


                                                 That distinction becomes



                                                       Diane Marie Kiwi

                                                       ...2018 YOU CAN

                                                             Play piano

                                                            Do a Puzzle

                                                           PUT Together

                                                        an Exercise PLAN

                                                      "Diane Diane Diane"

                                                       ...MY Perfect Diane

                                            A Life’s moments of Love received

                                                    ...past to present...then

                                                             E x t e n d e d


                                                              the People...

                                                                Who are?

                                                                You Are

                                                                 We Are

                                                            THE PEOPLE

                                                                the People 

                                                governed by the “CREEPLE”

                                              "Hollywood Heroes” abound in

                                                Grand Movie Fantasy-land thrill

                                                      But in real “Republic Life”

                                                               U.$.A. Di$play$ a

                                                  Re$ounding $hrill to Nil-zero.

                                                ( Spectator OR Participator? )

                                                     the Revolving Circle of

                                               Dough-Dough$ & $uper-Twit$

                                                 Hopefully, soon to be Extinct

                                            before this Great “boat of EARTH”

                                                                "They do sink"

                                                             My Fellow Americans


                                                                the easiest Thing

                                                                        "to Do"



                                                                Humpty Dumpty

                                                                 Sat on a WALL




                                                              of white Snow

                                                              As to Wonder

                                                                IS to Grow

                                                            Without an Iota

                                                     of Weatherman's worry

                                                            TURN Concern

                                                              Into a PLAN

                                         Man's Unconquerable Mind/ Gilbert Highet

                                             Explores the Power, and Capabilities,

                                                              and Limitations

                                            of the Human Mind from Ancient times.

                                            "Clearly there are 2 different types of

                                                            LIMITATION upon

                                                        HUMAN KNOWLEDGE.

                                                         One kind is IMPOSED

                                                 by Human Beings themselves.



                                                 The Other is INHERENT in the

                                                   STRUCTURE OF THE MIND

                                                                    and its

                                                RELATION TO THE UNIVERSE."


                                                     LINCOLN, This WORLD


                                                    "OUR BETTER NATURE"


                                                              Th. Trkstar

                                                   "ON" Going UNIVERSE







                  Share “as You may” Like.